Warranty & maintenance

COLORSTEEL® products are designed to stand the test of time. That’s why they’re backed by a range of warranties from New Zealand Steel.

Selecting the correct product for the environment is an essential step in ensuring a valid warranty.

You must also ensure you maintain the product according to the warranty requirements. Check out our tips for Caring for COLORSTEEL®.

The following is a guide to which products are appropriate for which environmental category.

Please note: This is a guide only. Each warranty will be assessed on a case by case basis. The warranties below are for residential buildings, the maximum warranty offered on commercial properties is 15 years. Please seek further advice on the selection of the appropriate product to suit your location from your local COLORSTEEL® supplier or contact COLORSTEEL®.

Environmental categories

Your property’s environmental category is a classification of the harshness or severity of the environment it’s in. We categorise this by the describing the surrounding environment as “Moderate”, “Severe” or “Very severe”. A number of factors can contribute to the environmental category, but the most significant consideration is how close the property is to the coast.

To learn more check out the Environmental categories, warranty & product, maintenance recommendations brochure.

On the tables below, paint refers to the paint surface flaking, peeling and excessive fade. Perforation means perforation as a result of corrosion.


Environmental conditions characterised by:

  • Little or no salt deposits.
  • The occasional smell of salt in the air
  • Typically starts between 500 – 1000 metres from breaking surf (moving inland from the high tide mark), such as on exposed coasts, or in the immediate vicinity of calm salt water such as estuaries.

Table – Warranty – Moderate – Colorsteel Endura

Table – Warranty – Moderate – Colorsteel Maxx

Moderate Altimate Warranty table

Endura® Dridex® warranty table

Table – Warranty – Moderate – Zincalume


Environmental conditions characterised by:

  • Light salt deposits
  • A frequent smell of salt in the air
  • Typically starts between 100 – 500 metres from breaking surf (moving inland from the high tide mark), such as on exposed coasts or in the immediate vicinity of large expanses of calm salt water such as harbour foreshores.

Table – Warranty – Severe – Colorsteel Endura

Table – Warranty – Severe – Colorsteel Maxx

Severe Altimate Warranty table

Maxx Dridex® warranty table

Very severe

The environment typically starts 25m from high water on the East Coast and 50m on the West Coast with the following conditions:

  • Heavy salt deposits
  • The almost constant smell of salt spray in the air
  • Close to breaking surf such as is found on exposed coasts.

Table – Warranty – Very Severe – Colorsteel Maxx

Very Severe Altimate Warranty

Extremely Severe

The environment typically starts 0m from the high water line on both coasts with the following conditions:

  • Very heavy salt deposits.
  • Constant smell of salt spray in the air.
  • Immediate vicinity of breaking surf and offshore construction such as on jetties, wharfs or breakwaters.

Extremely Severe Altimate Warranty

Special environments

In New Zealand, there are areas where local conditions create an increased likelihood of corrosion.

Special consideration should be given when selecting products and materials in these areas.

Geothermal areas

Geothermal activity creates a corrosive environment. Variations in natural activity, the draw-off from steam bores, as well as the effects of weather conditions make these high-risk areas hard to define. If you think you might live in a geothermal area, get in touch with COLORSTEEL®.

West Coast of the South Island

Smoke from coal burning fires may cause high concentrations of sulphur dioxide in the air. The sulphur dioxide, combined with the region’s high rainfall creates an aggressive environment. If you’re unsure about the category of your environment, get in touch with COLORSTEEL®.

Other special environments:

  • Internal environments
  • Industrial environments

To learn more about special environments see the Environmental categories, warranty & product, maintenance recommendations brochure, speak to your COLORSTEEL® supplier or contact COLORSTEEL® to confirm the right solution for your environment. Download the COLORSTEEL® full warranty terms and conditions here

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