COLORSTEEL® is an incredibly versatile product, made with New Zealand’s diverse conditions in mind. Our suppliers have an array of different profiles, ensuring there’s a COLORSTEEL® solution for every design style and building type.

Profiles are the contours that give a roof personality; the curves, ridges and undulating patterns that lend each roof its distinctive look. Each of our COLORSTEEL® suppliers have their own range of profiles, but here are some of the most common...


This traditional look can be seen on everything from the classic Kiwi villa to fences, sheds and commercial buildings.

steelProfile corrugate a3


The crisp, clean lines of this profile have made it a popular modern alternative to corrugate.

 steelProfile trapezoidal alpha


The sleek aesthetic of this profile is used regularly by architects designing contemporary homes.

 steelProfile tray alpha2


Find a Profile

Visit your local supplier’s website to learn more about the specific profiles they offer. To locate a supplier near you check out our supplier directory.