The roofing and cladding choice for New Zealanders across the country. It’s designed for both moderate inland conditions and severe coastal environments. Appropriate for roofing, cladding, gutters, downpipes, and fences.

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Ebony, ENDURA®, Trapezoidal, Coromandel

COLORSTEEL Endura® represents the perfect blend of form and function. It has been created alongside global leaders in both paint technology and the manufacture of pre-painted steel products.

  • Ideal for moderate to severe environments (determined by your property’s proximity to the coast, geothermal areas and industrial environments)
  • ZINCALUME® steel base with a multi coating paint system applied
  • Base metal thickness normally 0.40 mm or 0.55 mm
  • Coated with a 45% zinc, 55% aluminium alloy manufactured in accordance to AS1397:2011
  • Available in all COLORSTEEL® colours.
Ebony, ENDURA®, Trapezoidal, Coromandel
Ebony, ENDURA®, Coromandel Hideaway Home
Ebony, Endura®, Trapezoidal


The colours you see on screen are as close as possible to actual product colours. However, all screens will show colour slightly differently. We recommend ordering a colour sample before purchasing.

  • TSR: Total Solar Reflectance
  • LRV: Light Reflectance Value
  • G10: Low Gloss
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Matte Range

TidalDrift® MatteTSR: 29%LRV: 13%
FlaxPod® MatteTSR: 22%LRV: 6%
SnowStone™ MatteTSR: 68%LRV: 69%

Standard Range

ScoriaTSR: 32%LRV: 12%
FlaxPod®TSR: 25%LRV: 7%
Windsor Grey (Low Gloss)TSR: 23%LRV: 7%
Thunder GreyTSR: 30%LRV: 12%
Gull GreyTSR: 57%LRV: 50%
EbonyTSR: 5%LRV: 5%
CloudTSR: 72%LRV: 76%
Pioneer RedTSR: 36%LRV: 15%
LigniteTSR: 30%LRV: 11%
Permanent GreenTSR: 26%LRV: 10%
LichenTSR: 44%LRV: 28%
KarakaTSR: 25%LRV: 8%
Mist GreenTSR: 40%LRV: 25%
New Denim BlueTSR: 25%LRV: 11%
Grey FriarsTSR: 28%LRV: 10%
Sandstone GreyTSR: 42%LRV: 27%
IronsandTSR: 28%LRV: 8%
TitaniaTSR: 67%LRV: 69%
Desert SandTSR: 58%LRV: 51%
SlateTSR: 27%LRV: 9%

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