Keeping a high profile

Choosing the right roof profile can not only enhance the look and feel of your home, but can add value to it too!

In the past people may not have thought of their roof as an important design feature. But nowadays house builders and buyers realise how much their roof contributes to the overall appearance.  

As the name suggests, the profile is the side on appearance of your roof or cladding.

Names like Six Rib, Styleline or High Rib describe some of the profile options. These relate to specific products manufactured by our supply partners.

The most common profile type in New Zealand is corrugate. This is the traditional profile – with its symmetrical ‘wave like’ patterns – that can be found all over the country.  

Wider profiles are now in fashion with varying ‘trough and tray’ dimensions available. These can add a bold and distinctive design element to your project.   

For those building a new home the profiling decision needs to be made at the consent stage. Those looking at re-roofing will also need to select their profile before work commences.  

Profiles are not colour dependent. The brightest white through to the darkest black will work with any profile. Our supply partners have a variety of different choices so there’s bound to be something on the market that suits your style.  



Our supply partners have their own profiles.  Some of these might be standard across a number of ranges but may have different names. Alternatively, certain profiles may be unique to a specific supplier.  Check with your local roofing or cladding supplier, or your architect or builder, to see what is available, and what will work best with your design. 

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