Buildings – any way you want them!

For the best part of three and a half decades COLORSTEEL® has been protecting homes and buildings all over the country. While this has put us ‘up top’ as New Zealand’s favourite roof we also thrive as a multi-purpose building option for the places where we live, work and relax.

COLORSTEEL® is clearly much more than a roofing material. Our products are versatile and flexible in their uses and applications. 

COLORSTEEL® helps to create garage doors and even garages. They’re strong but light and come in a range of colours to suit, whether your looking to add on to a larger house or use as a stand-alone option.

The quintessential bloke’s shed has from time immemorial been built out of steel. COLORSTEEL® is part of this New Zealand tradition; one where tinkering, innovation and even refuge can happen. 

Because we’re great at keeping the outside ‘out’ and the inside protected, more and more people are using our products as a fencing option. COLORSTEEL® blends into the environment and is easy to take care of.  But it can also be used to create a statement piece outdoors – many think COLORSTEEL® makes a perfect garden feature or focal point for the outdoor living environment. 

COLORSTEEL® insulated panels are making a difference in environments where temperature control and management are important for health as well as safety. 

Completing the picture

Then there is our complete building package that starts with COLORSTEEL® roofing and extends to cladding, gutters and downpipes.

While we’re a one stop shop in one sense we’re certainly not a one product option. COLORSTEEL® has developed a range of different solutions that are best suited to the New Zealand lifestyle and the conditions we encounter all over the country. 

COLORSTEEL® MAXX® – for the most extreme building conditions.

COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® – going the distance in strength and durability.

COLORSTEEL® BOUNCE® – bright, white and even green (when it comes to the environment anyway!).

What COLORSTEEL® brings with it 

COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel has been extensively tested and proven in some of New Zealand's most extreme UV, wind, rain, snow and ice environments. All COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel systems have undergone extensive long-term exposure testing to ensure colour performance and durability.

With its hard-wearing, baked-on paint finish, COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel is designed to impede flaking, peeling and fading to deliver long-term, low maintenance performance. Lightweight and secure, COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel is designed to protect your home for many years to come.

All New Zealand Steel products are produced under the ISO9001 quality management system, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Thermal Efficiency for year-round comfort

All standard* colours in the COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel range are optimised with solar reflectance technology. When combined with standard insulation levels, solar reflectance technology is designed to maintain greater thermal comfort all year round, while using less energy.

*Excluding Ebony, KowhaiGlow® and FlaxPod®.

Solar panel compatible

COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel is fully compatible with most photovoltaic systems installed as independent panels, when separated from the roof.  



While the COLORSTEEL® range can offer a total building solution, our products are also designed to complement other materials. That means you really can have anything you want when it comes to your home or workplace, your garage, shed or rural building.  

Technical Info

Test. Test. And test again.

“Our customers can be confident that before we hand it over to them, we’ve put their roof through more trials than they ever will.” Dr Troy Coyle, Manager of Innovation...

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