The Terraces on Parkway Seaview Millwater

Horncastle Homes have set new standards with the Terraces Parkway project. The medium density homes at Millwater have raised expectations around quality and style.


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Ironsand, ENDURA®, The Terraces on Parkway Seaview Millwater

As Horncastle’s Brendon Hosken says, “It was critical for public opinion that these first terraced houses were designed and built well. We successfully set the benchmark very high, to the point that Auckland Council is showcasing us as an exemplary case study in their planning Design Manual.”

The homes are 145-190m2 double story buildings. They have a boatshed look, in reference to the views over the Orewa river.

As Horncastle architect Tim Devine says, “It’s a sort of Cape Cod-style home; American-type seaside architecture. We wanted to do something with a different look and feel to the surrounding homes, which are mostly dark brick with hip-gabled roofs.”

Tim says the homes are not only designed to look smart but also to be as maintenance-free as possible. It was the quality materials that achieved this look. COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® for the roofing and James Hardie Stria for the cladding, a lightweight composite cement board.

All the terraced homes that Horncastle has built at Millwater use longrun roofing, while their free-standing homes in the subdivision have pressed metal tile roofing. Hosken says a steep roof pitch on the terraced houses means there is a high level of street visibility for the roof cladding and finish. COLORSTEEL® fascia and gutters achieve a clean, consistent look, and provide proven durability.

The terraced homes are either three or four bedrooms, with two bathrooms and double garaging. The timber balustrades on the first-floor balcony soften the look of the homes. They also offer an element of privacy as the balustrades extend below the balcony to provide shading for the ground floor living areas.

Ironsand, ENDURA®, The Terraces on Parkway Seaview Millwater

As Tim explains, “The homes are right on the street, so the balustrading gives you privacy without completely obstructing your view. And because it hangs down over the ground floor window it gives you shade, as well as creating a nice, dappled light inside.”

Brendon says the light, bright feel of the homes has been a hit with buyers.

“Market uptake and general public opinion of Horncastle’s terraced houses has been nothing short of amazing. Every stage has sold out before completion.”

The Millwater residential development is made up of five communities: Arran Hills, Arran Point, Seaview, Ridgedale and Bonair. It is between Silverdale and Orewa, a 10-minute drive from Albany with access to the Northern Motorway.

The setting for the development includes rivers, gentle hills, parks and playing fields. Along with the residential development, there is a growing business centre.

Homeowners at Millwater can expect state of the art technology and facilities, such as fibre optic broadband, and a swimming centre, gymnasium and playing fields.

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Ironsand, ENURA®, The Terraces on Parkway Seaview Millwater fullwidth image
Ironsand, ENDURA®, The Terraces on Parkway Seaview Millwater

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