The Avantidrome

A velodrome of international class and standing has to be an impressive structure. After all, it is the training base and home for both cyclists and triathletes seeking Olympic and World Championship glory. It is a demanding environment and one that requires the most durable of construction materials.


Colour Coolhaven

Profile Steel & Tube ST963

Coolhaven, BOUNCE®, Avantidrome

High tech and world class, just like COLORSTEEL® BOUNCE®

The $28.5 million Waikato Avantidrome project began in 2010. It was completed in 2015 so it could be used as a preparation base for the Rio Olympics 2016.

As a world-class training and competition facility, the track is particularly important. It was designed by German architect Ralph Schuermann. He is one of only three specialist track creators in the world and is credited with laying down the fastest surfaces on the planet.

A specially-milled Siberian pine was used to give the surface the desired speed and resilience.

With so much invested in this aspect of the project, protecting the surface was critical.

Coolhaven, BOUNCE®, Avantidrome

In this elite company COLORSTEEL® BOUNCE® was right at home. It has outstanding performance figures. It's 77% optimised solar reflectance rating is 10% higher than comparable products which leads to reduced air conditioning costs and allows for a stable and pleasant temperature for competitors and spectators alike.

From an engineering viewpoint, the Avantidrome is a marvel. A series of 10ᴼ angled perimeter frames support six-metre high, curved steel space frames. These are all suspended 20m above the 120m-by-77m track area. As there are no internal supporting columns, everyone riding or watching has a clear view.

The doughnut-shaped roof curves in all four directions. This required a 3ᴼ change for each truss to achieve the necessary width and bi-directional flow. Again, COLORSTEEL® BOUNCE® had no problem delivering.

Top hero Image taken by Ray Liebenberg

Supplier Steel & Tube

Architect Chibnall Buckell

Roofer Lee Roofing Hamilton

Builder Livingstone Builders Hamilton

BOUNCE®, Avantidrome
BOUNCE®, Avantidrome
BOUNCE®, Avantidrome
BOUNCE®, Avantidrome

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