Snow Planet

COLORSTEEL® is usually tasked with keeping the weather out. In the case of Auckland’s North Shore —based Snow Planet the responsibilities went the other way. The job was to keep the snow in at one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest indoor ski slopes.


Colour Titania

Titania, ENDURA®, Snow Planet

Designed by award-winning New Zealand architects Warren & Mahoney, the 10,000m2 Snow Planet acts like a state-of-the-art freezer.

The white-as-snow building is on the side of a hill surrounded by farmland. It nestles into the landscape with all the facilities needed for a ski run, including three self-contained tows.

STELTECH® beams span the 40 x 200-metre ski slope allowing the skiers to move freely without obstruction. The walls and roof are insulated with BONDOR® panels fabricated from COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel. The colour chosen was an off-white hue called Titania.

Some clever modelling by engineers Sinclair Knight Merz demonstrated the bare earth beneath the building was enough to create a downhill run. The actual slope was designed by snow terrain experts, with the man-made snow set at a constant base of 50cm.

Titania, ENDURA®, Snow Planet

The temperature consistently sits at minus five degrees without the need for any extra materials or insulation.

There are slopes for everyone, from beginners through to advanced skiers. The lower slopes are perfect for novices and children. More capable skiers and snowboarders can ride to the top of the slope on the ski lifts.

A cosy restaurant caters to hungry skiers. It provides a burst of bright colour that is in stark contrast to the world of white on the other side of the glass.

Supplier Bondor®

Architect Warren & Mahoney

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Titania, ENDURA®, Snow Planet

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