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Salt of the Earth

Living in an island nation, New Zealanders value the sea - the fresh air, sunlight, smells and textures that come with being oceanside.

While most beach visits happen in summer, memories are also made on blustery days where a windswept beach can generate a variety of flotsam and jetsam to entertain the enquiring mind.

For most kiwis, there is a certain beach that holds a special place in our hearts. Unlike some of the more famous and busy beaches overseas, where it is all about being seen, our favourite spots tend to include the deserted stretch of coastline, the quiet lapping bay, and the undiscovered rock pool.

Created especially for COLORSTEELⓇ Matte, TidalDriftⓇ is a new smoky, charcoal grey shade with a soft, contemporary finish, which seems to allude to those wintery beaches, the darkly wet driftwood, salt sprayed rocks, and rolling sand dunes. Due to the matte finish, the colour diffuses light, furthering the sombre effect of the shade.


When paired with other grey metals, perhaps in the form of a mesh detail or a window accent, TidalDriftⓇ takes on a deep, textured hue. It is also effective when placed alongside warm timbers or patinated metals, where it brings out the richness in these materials.

The lines of the COLORSTEELⓇ Matte profile can be arranged alongside or against a vertical or horizontal weatherboard, either matching the width or giving a sense of playful variety through a wider or narrower line.

Paired with a schist wall, this colour will take on a new life, bringing out the variations in the stone and lending a sense of subtle neutrality. Similarly, it gives depth to concrete elements, especially in a tray profile, where it takes on a contemporary, minimalist feel with its clean lines and understated form.

With a sense of subtlety and depth, TidalDriftⓇ is a versatile colour that feels at home with a range of architectural styles and uses, for exterior cladding as well as roofing. In the city or by the bay, this is a material that feels undoubtedly New Zealand in both tone and texture.

TidalDrift Dark

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