Hingaia Peninsula School

The area around the Hingaia Peninsula School used to be lush South Auckland pasture. Now it’s prime residential property and New Zealand’s first Green Star Built certified school.


Colour Ironsand

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Ironsand, ENDURA®, Hingaia Peninsula School

Set on 4.4 hectares, this new school opened its doors in February 2012. It started with a roll of 46 foundation pupils and will eventually cater to 520 students.

The school was built with a forward thinking approach. It has a Green Star certified rating of 5 by the New Zealand Green Building Council. The design and layout of the school is innovative and modern. Rather than traditional classrooms, Hingaia has multifunctional studios that are collaborative, creative and agile learning spaces.

Each studio is approximately 290m² with five nooks surrounding a central teaching space. With three teachers to each studio, the spaces cater for a variety of different learning styles to suit the needs of each child.

Providing shelter for those moving between the various studios was an issue. The solution was a timber construction low-slope roof that was crowned with COLORSTEEL® ENDURA®. The roofline rises and falls along the perimeter of the building. This allows natural light to spill into the studios and adjoining areas, while the high roof creates a sense of space.

Ironsand, ENDURA®, Hingaia Peninsula School

The Green Star suite of grading tools was applied in three stages alongside the key phases of the build — design, build and performance.

The rating assesses the environmental impact that is a direct consequence of a building’s site selection, design, construction, and maintenance. Points are given within each of the categories based on the building’s environmental merits. All of the points are then weighted and an overall score is calculated to determine the project’s Green Star rating.

COLORSTEEL’s commitment to sustainability and its own Environmental Management System helped the school to make the Green grade in its certification process.

Supplier Steel & Tube

Architect Brewer Davidson Architecture

Roofer Project Roofing Hamilton

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Ironsand, ENDURA®, Hingaia Peninsula School
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Ironsand, ENDURA®, Hingaia Peninsula School

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