Canon Ridge House

Looking like a box gift-wrapped in black and tied with a bright orange ribbon, this Canon Ridge home in Christchurch turns heads.


Colour FlaxPod®

FlaxPod, ENDURA®, Canon Ridge House

When Amy and Lance Vincent found the perfect property, an east-west oriented section on Canon Ridge, they didn't want a big house — just a functional family home with flair.

John Chaplin of Chaplin Crooks Architects designed their home. It draws on John’s experience over the past 35 years of designing on the Christchurch Port Hills. The two outdoor living areas at each end of the house strategically maximise wonderful views as well as shelter and sun.

The Vincent's compact 250m2, double story house stands out with eye-catching orange weathering steel panels along the road-facing garage. This vibrant orange is set against the almost-black façade of the house itself.

FlaxPod, ENDURA®, Canon Ridge House

The exterior cladding is a blend of vertical COLORSTEEL® in FlaxPod® and Shadowclad plywood panels in black Resene Nero. The COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® roof and all flashings, spouting and downpipes are also in FlaxPod®.

On the house’s eastern face Resene Starstruck-painted ShadowClad has been used. It's a bold gold designed to harmonise with the resident kowhai tree, echo the colourful weathering steel, and welcome the morning sun. Texture, colour, convenience and sunshine blend here on Canon Ridge.

Photographer Mette Kristiansen

Supplier Metalcraft Roofing

Architect John Chaplin, Chaplin Crooks Architects

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FlaxPod®, ENDURA®, Canon Ridge House

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