Cable Bay

Waiheke Island is one of the country’s most demanding building environments. It’s a unique setting that requires an innovative approach and a certain amount of local knowledge.


Colour Sandstone Grey

Profile Multidek®

Sandstone Grey, MAXX®, Cable Bay

When you build on Waiheke Island there are many challenges to overcome. The weather is one issue, while council compliance is another.

Storm and wastewater management are the responsibility of the property owner. The island also experiences relatively regular power outages, meaning proper insulation is important.

Naturally, visual requirements must factor into the design as well. The rustic holiday bach has made way for sophisticated houses that blend in with the surroundings rather than compete with them.

Bryce Ardern, a local Waiheke architect won the contract to build this high profile Cable Bay house. He brought a great deal of local knowledge and experience to the project.

The home has four main living modules based around three outdoor areas. This provides options depending on weather and season. The sea views are to the west which means exposure to cold south-westerly winds so rooms cluster around a protected northern court.

Sandstone Grey, MAXX®, Cable Bay

As the house is visible from the sea, Ardern had to ensure it would sit well on the site and merge into the landscape. This meant cutting a building platform that mimicked the contours of the site and enabled the split-level home to hunker down.

Choosing to roof the home with Multidek® COLORSTEEL® MAXX® in Sandstone Grey helped to blend the building in with the site. It also met the low-reflectivity values demanded by planning rules.

As the site is close to Waitemata Harbour COLORSTEEL® MAXX® ensured the cladding would be covered by extensive warranties. COLORSTEEL® MAXX® also provides the flexibility to tailor it to specific lengths. Water collection was another advantage. In weather conditions where the southerly can produce horizontal rain, the ability to capture water is a huge bonus.

Supplier Roofing Industries

Architect Bryce Ardern

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Sandstone Grey, MAXX®, Cable Bay
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Sandstone Grey, MAXX®, Cable Bay

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