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Aaron Read Title Banner

The Tetris Building

Dubbed ‘the tetris building’ by the roofing team involved in constructing it, Te Korowai, Home of Presbyterian Support for the Upper South Island, is designed with numerous, varying shaped windows.

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The Alpine Home

An undulating alpine site in Bendemeer near Lake Hayes, Queenstown, inspired the design of this house, which consists of a series of gabled forms that reflect the peaks seen in this mountainous environment.

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The Block Firehouse 2019

The Block NZ: Firehouse Season 8

Residential | TidalDrift® and FlaxPod® | ENDURA®

Kingsland firm Context Architects was behind the renovation of the building’s shell, and the conversion of the spaces within, into workable apartments. Inside, these were left unspecified, allowing the show’s contestants full rein to work their magic.

Case study
Mt Eden 339

Mt Eden 339

Couched below Maungawhau, a short walk from Mount Eden village, and bordered by two blocks of flats, this house designed by and for Dave Strachan of Strachan Group Architects pulls off an amazing feat.

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Wainui Construction – COLORSTEEL® Builder of the Year

Raglans Two Sheds

Commercial | Titania | ENDURA®

An innovative commercial development by Wainui Constrcution.

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Matthew McDougall

Captivating Tray in Christchurch

Working on an architects own home, Matthew proved to have the highest standard of craftmanship.

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Vaughan Cook

Modern in Milford

Vaughan Cook - A future industry leader.

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Hynds Pokeno

Hynds Pokeno Project

The Hynds Group have built a state-of-the-art facility for the production of concrete pipes in Pokeno. Embracing new technology, the project is a modern and unique unit.

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Colours of Aotearoa

Like its people, New Zealand’s native flora is hardy and practical.

Colours and trends
Coromandel "Hideaway" Home display image

Coromandel Hideaway Home

Residential | Ebony | ENDURA®

On a small clearing, nestled in 30 acres of Coromandel bush, with elevated views to an eastern valley towards Whitianga and Hot Water Beach, sits a hideaway home which is a retreat for a city family.

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Colorsteel Matte

Matte finishes are here to stay

COLORSTEEL® Matte is ideal for roofing, wall cladding, fascia and rainwater applications.

Colours and trends
DOC display image

Department of Conservation

Commercial | Karaka | ENDURA®

When the Department of Conservation began their pest control project on a number of Fiordland islands they were faced with a dilemma. They had nowhere for their rangers to stay.

Case study
Wellington Zoo display image

Wellington Zoo

Commercial | Ironsand | ENDURA®

Meet the Locals He Tuku Aroha, was a Wellington Zoo redevelopment and rejuvenation project described as a 'love story to New Zealand'.

Case study
The Terraces on Parkway wide inspo image
Ironsand, ENDURA®, The Terraces on Parkway Seaview Millwater
Te Timatanga display image

Te Timatanga

Residential | Thunder Grey | MAXX®

In the 1970s, American architect Michael Reynolds came up with the concept of an ‘Earthship’. Defined as being a building that conforms to the principles of self-sustainability, Earthships are self-contained and have minimal environmental impact.

Case study
The Ballara Home display image

The Ballara Home

Residential | FlaxPod® | ENDURA®

When you build on a slope with anything more than a 20-degree gradient, the normal solution is to construct a house that sits on poles. So the proposal to build a conventional house on a 45-degree slope took many people by surprise.

Case study
Avantidrome display image

The Avantidrome

Commercial | Coolhaven | BOUNCE®

A velodrome of international class and standing has to be an impressive structure. After all, it is the training base and home for both cyclists and triathletes seeking Olympic and World Championship glory.

Case study
Snow Planet display image

Snow Planet

Commercial | Titania | ENDURA®

COLORSTEEL® is usually tasked with keeping the weather out. In the case of Auckland’s North Shore —based Snow Planet the responsibilities went the other way. The job was to keep the snow in at one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest indoor ski slopes.

Case study
Canon Ridge House wide inspo image
FlaxPod®, ENDURA®, Canon Ridge House
Hingaia School display image

Hingaia Peninsula School

Commercial | Ironsand | ENDURA®

The area around the Hingaia Peninsula School used to be lush South Auckland pasture. Now it’s prime residential property and New Zealand’s first Green Star Built certified school.

Case study
Canon Ridge display image

Canon Ridge House

Residential | FlaxPod® | ENDURA®

Looking like a box gift-wrapped in black and tied with a bright orange ribbon, this Canon Ridge home in Christchurch turns heads.

Case study
Cable Bay display image

Cable Bay

Residential | Sandstone Grey | MAXX®

Waiheke Island is one of the country’s most demanding building environments. It’s a unique setting that requires an innovative approach and a certain amount of local knowledge.

Case study
Thunder Grey and Smokey, MAXX®
Thunder Grey and Smokey, MAXX®, The BraeThe Brae
Cascade House display image

Cascade House

Residential | Ironsand | MAXX®

Wellington is a wonderful city, but it’s also a windy city. It's an environment where gale force winds batter homes and buildings on a regular basis. Add a dash of salt water to the mix and you’ve got conditions that will test the mettle of any structure.

Case study
Tate Home display image

The Tate Home

Residential | Ebony | ENDURA®

While London might have the Tate Modern — a contemporary art gallery on the banks of the Thames – New Zealand has Chris Tate, an Auckland-based architect who’s every bit as avant-garde as his namesake.

Case study
Hackett Road wide inspo image
Ironsand, ENDURA®, Hackett Road
The Terraces on Parkway Seaview Millwater display image

The Terraces on Parkway Seaview Millwater

Residential | Ironsand | ENDURA®

Horncastle Homes have set new standards with the Terraces Parkway project. The medium density homes at Millwater have raised expectations around quality and style.

Case study
Jack's Point display image

Jack’s Point Show Home

Residential | Ironsand | ENDURA®

Jack’s Point is renowned as one of the leading residential and golfing developments in Australasia. It’s a 1200-hectare settlement based on a working farm on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, just 20 minutes outside of Queenstown.

Case study
Waiau Pa display image

Waiau Pa

Lichen | DRIDEX®

In New Zealand, residential and commercial buildings have long been plagued with moisture issues. COLORSTEEL® has come up with a solution that transforms the traditional system of roofing, underlay and netting with an innovative new product – COLORSTEEL® DRIDEX®.

Case study
Choosing the right colour display image

Choosing the right colour

Choosing the colour for your roof, cladding or fencing is an important decision. Here are some tips to help you.

Colours and trends
Jack's point home wide inspo image
Ironsand, ENDURA®, Jack's Point Show Home
Hackett Road display image

Hackett Road

Residential | Ironsand | ENDURA®

Developers and homeowners are always looking for fresh ways to seamlessly blend new buildings with the surrounding landscape.

Case study
The Brae display image

The Brae

Residential | Thunder Grey, Smokey | MAXX®

When Auckland construction company Jalcon Homes built a series of Cape Cod-style family homes on 'The Brae' they chose COLORSTEEL® MAXX® for the roofing and cladding.

Case study

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