We're well aware that when a new roof goes up or a new piece of cladding goes on, it’s not just our reputation at stake. Every one of our partners – from the designers and architects who specify COLORSTEEL® to the roofers and rollformers who supply and install it – rely on us consistently delivering a quality product.

And we also know that we’re stronger when we’re working together. We’re committed to helping our partners grow successful, enduring businesses of their own. And right here you’ll find all the tools, resources and information you need to do just that. 

Why Colorsteel®?

We have the knowledge, the capacity and the desire to help you grow your business.

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Our wide range of products ensures there’s a solution for every project, in virtually every location.

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Our refined colour range means there’s something to suit every one of your clients.



We’ve developed a range of tools and resources designed to make your job easier.

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We’re passionate about supporting our partners and promoting our network of suppliers.

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galvanising our relationship

As a business that is, and always has been, based in New Zealand, we not only know what the end user wants, we know what our commercial partners need. Because we’re based here we’re not reliant on international shipping or freight, and can thus can maximise a constant supply of our product. We’ve got both the scope and the expertise to handle the largest and most complex projects, including residential, commercial and rural assignments. And we’re dedicated to growing the local sector, playing an active role in industry bodies like RANZ and MRM.


COLORSTEEL® is one brand with many products, including the likes of COLORSTEEL® MAXX® and COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® which have become household names in the building industry. While each has been developed with a specific purpose in mind, each shares the same goal – to be right for the job, and the conditions. We’ve taken the needs of various industries and the challenges posed by various environments, blended them with local knowledge and global insights, and created a suite of products fit for every purpose. 

In the pursuit of safety and shelter humankind has come a very long way. Compared to today early humans lived rough.

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This article is aimed at people who are in the process of choosing a new roof and want to understand a little more about how colour works.

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Leaving nothing to chance

The quality of our products isn’t just important to your clients. It’s important to you and your business. Nothing erodes commercial reputations and profit margins quicker than having to return to a site and replace/repair a product. That’s why we’re fastidious with our testing and research. Before anything leaves our Glenbrook plant we make absolutely sure it boasts the strength and durability necessary to stand the test of time. Only when we’re certain that’s the case do we put our name to it. And we’re confident you’ll be happy to do the same. 


We’ve gone to great lengths to create a suite of technical resources that are both highly informative and easy to use. Here you’ll find specification guides for all of our products as well as a range of tools designed to guide your customers through the entire process.

We’re constantly updating these resources, adding fresh content as new products are launched, new research is published, and new innovations are developed. 

NEW ZEALAND's favourite colours

Our colour range is made up of the tones New Zealanders love the most. It’s a refined palette featuring a blend of time-honoured styles and the latest trends. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your customers have plenty of choice.

We’ve also developed a variety of tools and resources to help you guide your customers through the decision-making process. These range from samples and swatches to articles on everything from colour rules to inspiration, and they can all be found right here.