Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the building industry there really are no silly questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked ones we encounter. 

What makes COLORSTEEL® New Zealand’s favourite roof?

COLORSTEEL® has been protecting homes and buildings from one end of the country to the other for more than 30 years. It’s made here (in New Zealand Steel’s Glenbrook plant) and is designed with our harsh and unpredictable climate in mind.  

What are the benefits of having a COLORSTEEL® warranty and certificate of authenticity?

There are some imported products on the market that initially look similar to COLORSTEEL® but which simply do not offer the same level of performance. Your warranty document and Certificate of Authenticity are proof that you’ve purchased a genuine product, and that you’re covered by a comprehensive warranty. 

Do different COLORSTEEL® products work better in different conditions? 

Yes. For example, COLORSTEEL® MAXX® has been specifically developed to withstand higher atmospheric salt concentrations. That means it’s suited to more extreme building environments, including those located near New Zealand’s rugged coastline. For more information on choosing the right product for your project consult the Environmental Categories, Warranty & Product Maintenance Brochure.

Is COLORSTEEL® a safe product to use in areas with increased earthquake or seismic activity?

At about 1/7th the weight of a concrete tile roof, COLORSTEEL® roofs are a simple, safe and cost-effective way to improve earthquake safety. Inspections by structural engineers after the Canterbury earthquakes also revealed extensive damage to houses caused by tiles coming loose and falling, or by brick chimneys falling through heavy tiled roofs. In contrast, metal roofing generally withstood the initial shaking, and the impact of falling chimneys. 

Does COLORSTEEL® continually test and improve its product range?

We’re constantly testing, reviewing and evolving our products to ensure they meet the demands of New Zealanders the length and breadth of the country. Using more than 20,000 test panels in 17 sites throughout Asia and Australasia, we expose COLORSTEEL® to the harshest conditions imaginable. We also employ accelerated testing methods and analyse global data and research, all in a bid to provide New Zealanders with a product that offers exceptional performance and ultimate peace of mind. 

How do I make sure I get a genuine COLORSTEEL® product?

During the quoting stage ask your supplier to confirm, in writing, that they are supplying genuine products made by New Zealand Steel. Your supplier should also confirm the sub brand, gauge and colour as well as the profile e.g. Product brand: COLORSTEEL®, Sub-brand: Endura® or Maxx®, BMT (Base Metal Thickness): Typically 0.40mm  or 0.55mm, Profile: Corrugate. Also, check the branding on the back of the COLORSTEEL® sheets and ask for your COLORSTEEL® warranty and Certificate of Authenticity.

How do I obtain a COLORSTEEL® warranty?

You can request a COLORSTEEL® warranty from your roofer or product supplier. Also, make sure to ask for a Certificate of Authenticity at the same time.

What is the difference between 0.40 and 0.55 gauge roofing material? 

While 0.55 is a heavier gauge the warranty for both products is the same. Depending on the profile used the heavier gauge is often preferred as it can reduce the visibility of purlin lines through the roofing. A heavier gauge is also more resistant to knocks and is a good solution for schools and high traffic roofs.

What maintenance is required for a COLORSTEEL® roof?

This is dependent on your environmental conditions but manual washing of roofs is to be carried out with a soft bristled brush.  Further info regarding frequency can be found in the Environmental Categories, Warranty & Product Maintenance Brochure.

Will the darker COLORSTEEL® colours fade?

No other factory painted steel is manufactured with the same paint technology as COLORSTEEL® roofing. The paint systems used by New Zealand Steel to manufacture COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel are formulated to provide excellent colour performance in New Zealand’s harsh UV rays and extreme climate.

It’s vital you ensure you receive your COLORSTEEL® warranty. It guarantees a colour shift of no more than Delta E of 8 CIE Lab units for 10 years exposure and 10 units (maximum) for 15 years exposure. In the unlikely event of a complaint, coating performance is tested in accordance with the methods described in Australian Standard AS1580.

Are the darker colours more prone to heat absorption?

All colours absorb the sun’s heat but dark colours are especially prone. Fixing systems must allow for expansion and accommodate the longitudinal movement which results from heating and cooling.

Typical Roof Temperatures (Summer Average - Calm Conditions):
  Insulated Uninsulated
Light Colours (e.g. Titania) 60˚C 45˚C 
Medium Colours (e.g. Mist Green) 80˚C 65˚C 
Dark Colours (e.g. Karaka) 90˚C 75˚C

How do I get rid of Lichen on my roof? 

Please refer to our brochure Maintenance: Removal of Lichen.

Can I safely collect drinking water from my COLORSTEEL® roof?

Our paints comply with the provisions of NZBC G12.3.1. Provided it hasn't been contaminated by other sources, it is safe to collect drinking water from your COLORSTEEL® roof.

What is the light reflectance of the COLORSTEEL® range?

LRV refers to the total quantity of visible light that is reflected by a surface. Many local authorities restrict reflectivity of roofing and cladding materials to preserve the natural character of the area and to reduce the impact of the building environment. The COLORSTEEL® colour range LRV values are available here.

How can I claim on my warranty?

Contact us on 0800 100 523 or use the Contact Us link to request a claim form.

How do I buy a COLORSTEEL® roof?

Contact a roofer or COLORSTEEL® product supplier for a material and install quote. Not all of our listed product suppliers have an install service but they will be able to recommend a roofer to you. Check out our supplier section for more details.

Do I need COLORSTEEL® MAXX® or COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® for my location?

To ensure the correct product is specified it is best to contact us on 0800 100 523, use the Contact Us link, refer to the Environmental Categories, Warranty & Product Maintenance Brochure or use our Select the right product tool.

Where can I get COLORSTEEL® rainwater goods (gutters and downpipes)?

Check out our supplier section for suppliers of COLORSTEEL® rainwater goods.

Where can I get COLORSTEEL® fencing?

Check out our supplier section for COLORSTEEL® fencing suppliers.

Can I put a solar panel on my roof?

How do I get a custom COLORSTEEL® colour and what will it cost?

Custom colours are a great option for large commercial buildings, where they can greatly enhance the corporate brand. With all custom colours, full drums of paint must be manufactured and if not utilised require environmentally sustainable disposal. The manufacturing process also limits the size of coils that can be supplied so any product not utilised in the project must be absorbed into the overall cost. Contact Us for more information.

How can I request a COLORSTEEL® colour chart or steel sample?

We would be happy to send you out a colour chart and steel samples – simply fill out the Contact Us page.

What COLORSTEEL® roofing and cladding profiles are available? 

Our suppliers offer a number of different roofing profiles ranging from corrugated, trapezoidal and tray. The best place to see what profiles are available are the websites of our rollforming suppliers – visit our supplier section for more information.

Who should install my COLORSTEEL® roof and/or cladding?

For new buildings, work involving weather tightness is considered ‘restricted building work’ (RBW) which requires a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) to complete or supervise. The LBP needs to be stipulated in the building consent application to the council. You can check your contractor is a registered LBP at You can also search for a roofer on the Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) website at

While it’s not compulsory to use a LBP for reroofing we recommend using a qualified roofer in the same way as you would for a new building. If replacing an old roof with a similar style COLORSTEEL® longrun roof you may not need a building consent. However, you should check with your council, which may also have restrictions on colours and profiles in some areas, as well as requirements around the reflectivity of building materials.

Can I use galvanised steel with COLORSTEEL® or ZINCALUME®?

Yes, direct contact between the two is fine. However, you do need to make sure you don’t run water from COLORSTEEL® or ZINCALUME® on to galvanised steel. Water running from galvanised steel to ZINCALUME® or COLORSTEEL® is fine.