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Choosing the colour of your new roof is an important part of the process. The right colour will work harmoniously with both the rest of your home, and the surrounding environment, whilst simultaneously reflecting your own sense of style and personality. 

Our refined colour palette has been designed to ensure the decision-making process is as easy as possible. It features a range of tones that will suit everything from contemporary homes to traditional villas; sleek, commercial buildings to hard-working rural sheds. 

It’s bright orange. It shines like something from a science fiction movie. It is made to look like a clown’s balloon dog trick and it was created by master steel...

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This article is aimed at people who are in the process of choosing a new roof and want to understand a little more about how colour works.

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New Zealand's Favourite Colour Range

Our colour range has always been inspired by our home – the beautiful, diverse and ever-changing landscape of New Zealand. From the whites and greys of our moody skies to the deep blues of the waters that surround us; from the dusty hues of the earth we walk upon to the vibrant greens of the flora we wander through, our palette has been drawn from this stunning natural environment.

Our range is a representation of the colours New Zealanders love most on their roofs. It features a blend of classic, timeless shades and modern, on-trend tones.

The COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel colours shown on this site have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, as limitations of web palette colours affect colour tones - To order a steel sample contact us.


color_swatch Gull Grey
TSR: 56% LRV: 51%
color_swatch Permanent Green
TSR: 25% LRV: 11%
color_swatch FlaxPod®
TSR: 23% LRV: 7%
color_swatch Lignite
TSR: 29% LRV: 11%
color_swatch New Denim Blue
TSR: 25% LRV: 11%
color_swatch Thunder Grey
TSR: 27% LRV: 12%
color_swatch Sandstone Grey
TSR: 41% LRV: 27%
color_swatch Scoria
TSR: 31% LRV: 10%
color_swatch Pioneer Red
TSR: 36% LRV: 13%
color_swatch Karaka
TSR: 25% LRV: 8%
color_swatch Mist Green
TSR: 40% LRV: 25%
color_swatch Lichen
TSR: 42% LRV: 27%
color_swatch Ironsand
TSR: 25% LRV: 8%
color_swatch Desert Sand
TSR: 56% LRV: 49%
color_swatch Slate
TSR: 27% LRV: 9%
color_swatch Grey Friars
TSR: 26% LRV: 10%
color_swatch Cloud
TSR: 69% LRV: 74%
color_swatch Titania
TSR: 65% LRV: 70%
color_swatch Ebony
TSR: 7% LRV: 5%
color_swatch Windsor Grey (G10)
TSR: 21% LRV: 7%

TSR: Total Solar Reflectance     LRV: Light Reflectance Value     G10: Low Gloss



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