Caring for COLORSTEEL®

COLORSTEEL® products are made to be durable and low maintenance, but they still need to be looked after. Here are a few tips to build into your maintenance routine.

If you’re looking for specific maintenance requirements for a Colorsteel product, check out the warranty and maintenance page.

The limits of rain

Rain plays an important role in keeping your COLORSTEEL® products in good condition, but there are some places where it can’t reach. You need to clean these areas yourself, to ensure debris doesn’t build up. Cleaning your COLORSTEEL® product manually will increase the steel’s longevity, as it reduces attacks from salt and other pollutants in the air. It’s also an important part of keeping your COLORSTEEL® warranty valid.

Preventing serious issues

Keep an eye on tree fall and debris

If you have a garden, leaves, twigs, dust and dirt can get blown up onto your roof. You’ll need to manually remove anything left over to ensure no damage is caused. Remove any build up with a soft bristled brush every three months.

Monitor high risk areas

If not washed properly, the places where the rain can’t reach can cause serious problems.

Areas that require a more extensive clean:

  • Soffits
  • Wall cladding under eaves
  • Underside of gutters
  • Fascias
  • Sheltered areas of garage doors and unwashed roof areas
  • Around flues
  • Under television aerials
  • Sites prone to mould, lichen, bird droppings or debris.

Clear your gutters

Gutters can easily become clogged by leaves, twigs and other debris. This can cause a number of problems around your home such as a leaky roof, and mould and mildew. Clear your gutters every three months to ensure they function correctly.

Watch out for branches rubbing against your roof

Branches and foliage that come into contact with your house can do significant damage to your roofing or cladding. Prune back any potentially damaging plants every three months.

Catching issues early

Although regular roof maintenance will significantly reduce the chances of damage, conditions on your property can change. Examine your roof at least twice a year, this will allow you to respond to any issues before they become more serious.

Inside your home and ceiling cavity look out for:

  • Places where the ceiling is sagging
  • Signs of water damage or leaking
  • Dark spots that might indicate mould
  • Outside light peeking through.

Outside your home look out for:

  • Fastenings that appear loose
  • Roof attachments that appear loose e.g. satellite dish, solar heating unit or conventional television aerials.
  • Clogged or loose gutters and downpipes.

If you notice any of these issues, contact your local roofer.

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