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Colorsteel Awards

Recognising and celebrating New Zealand's best architects, designers, roofers, and their projects.

COLORSTEEL® Building of the year

This award will go to a designer, or a group of people who have collaborated in pushing the design boundaries to create a functional space that inspires inside and out. This could be a commercial or residential building. This designer, or group, will showcase the potential of COLORSTEEL® and make it a dominant visual feature of the structure.

Prize: $25,000 media package up for grabs!

COLORSTEEL® Young roofer of the year

This award aims to recognise the amazing young talent in the roofing industry. This award will go to a roofer under the age of 25 as at 1st November 2019. Our winning roofer will show excellent workmanship, tenacious problem solving, the willingness to go the extra mile, great customer communication, leadership and have an impeccable safety record.

Prize: $10,000 cash up for the winner!

COLORSTEEL® Roofer of the year

We wish to acknowledge the significant contribution roofers are making to the industry. A range of criteria will be taken into consideration by the judging panel including the degree of project difficulty, aesthetics, problem-solving, and Health & Safety practices. This roofer will show outstanding workmanship, they will mentor others in the category, demonstrate leadership and have excellent communication skills.

Prize: $25,000 travel voucher for the winner!

How to enter

1. Download the 2019 COLORSTEEL® Awards entry form below.

2. Complete all required details, including a brief description of why your project or person is award-worthy.

3. Email the entry form and other relevant supporting materials (for example, photos) to no later than 31st August 2019.

If you are applying for more than one category, you will need to fill out and email a seperate entry form for each category.

Good luck!

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Colorsteel® awards
Colorsteel® awards

Judges & judging criteria

We have carefully chosen a panel of judges that have endless experience in the roofing and construction industry. Our judges will help to recognise and celebrate the outstanding work that’s being done in the industry.

Gretta Stephens – CEO of New Zealand Steel
Graham Moor – CEO of Roofing Association New Zealand
Rod Newbold – Roofing Expert
Peter Wolfkamp – Resident Builder
Ken Crosson – Director of Crosson Architects

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