Made in New Zealand, for New Zealand's conditions

New Zealand’s weather is not for the faint-hearted. From searing heat and harsh UV rays to teeming rain, high winds and heavy snow, we get it all.

It helps to have grown up here – it gives us an insight into what Mother Nature might have in store for us. To put it simply, because COLORSTEEL® is made here, it works here.  

Combine that local knowledge with industry experience, technological innovation and the ability to consistently deliver a product of the highest quality, and it’s little wonder COLORSTEEL® is New Zealand’s favourite roof. 


Inspired by our surroundings

Wherever you might be in New Zealand, you never have to look far for inspiration. It’s a land of many colours – colours we want to wear, surround ourselves in and highlight our lives with.

Our colour range is inspired by the stunning natural environment in which we live. It’s constantly evolving, and features a blend of timeless, traditional tones and trend-setting colours for every style and era of building imaginable. 

The national and natural colours of New Zealand

Our most vivid natural colours fly by us daily. Think of our native birds and you’re unlikely to see more vibrancy in the air anywhere in the world.

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Understanding the science of colour

This article is aimed at people who are in the process of choosing a new roof and want to understand a little more about how colour works.

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The Brae

When Auckland construction company Jalcon Homes were building a series of 12 Cape Cod-style family homes on ‘The Brae’ at...

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The Tate Home

While London might have the Tate Modern – a contemporary art gallery on the banks of the Thames – New...

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Keeping a high profile

In the past people may not have thought of their roof as an important design feature.

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Our colourful world

In New Zealand’s landscape green is a dominant colour. No surprise therefore that Permanent Green and Mist Green form part of the COLORSTEEL® palette.

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Turning metal into magic

It’s bright orange. It shines like something from a science fiction movie. It is made to look like a clown’s balloon dog trick and it was created by master steel...

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Buildings - any way you want them!

COLORSTEEL® is clearly much more than a roofing material. Our products are versatile and flexible in their uses and applications.

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There's only one Colorsteel®

Not all painted-steel is COLORSTEEL®. Genuine COLORSTEEL® is made right here in New Zealand and is backed by comprehensive warranties and ongoing support.

We enjoy strong ties to some of the world’s leading manufacturers of pre-painted steel, drawing on their global expertise to create our range of world-class products.

And we ensure every sheet of COLORSTEEL® that leaves our plant will stand the test of time by employing a research, development and testing program that's second-to-none.